IRays CNC Autodrill Machine

IRays-CNC-12D1 Autodrill Machine

Currently, IRays is focusing to manufacture CNC Auto Drill machine to be used for the jute industries.   IRays Teknology Ltd. successfully invented CNC Autodrill machines (Model: IRay-CNC-12D1) back in 2011 to make complex drill patterns on wood staves to be used for the carding and finisher sections of the jute industries. IRays CNC Autodrill machines are capable of drilling staves three times faster than the manual process of making the staves with higher degree of accuracy and precision. IRays innovated unique Model IRays-CNC-12D1 is a fully automated and computerized CNC Autodrill Machine.

Model: IRays-CNC-12D1

Model: IRays-CNC-12D1 is a fully automated and computerized CNC Autodrill Machine for industrial application of woodworking, and drilling. This is a 4-axis machine with  state of the art electronic stepper motor controllers, breakout boards, MACH-3 software, 1.5 kW single phase spindle motor, inverter, linear guides, ball nuts, ball screws and a retrofit workspace table with dividing head for specialized application. It is capable of drilling holes with specialized and customized pattern on staves. It yields about four times that of a mechanical machine with perfect shape, absolute pin pitch and the right projection. It is also unique with adjustable guide height through a separate z-axis.