Analog Circuit Theory & Applications

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This is the first version of my book on “Circuit Theory and Applications” and is intended to be used by the undergraduate students of engineering and computer science. This is one of the foundation books on Solid State Devices.
My inspiration of composing “Circuit Theory and Applications” is my beloved late wife Shahina Maula Rahman. She was a good physicist, an excellent teacher, a dedicated mother, a trustworthy wife, an extremely passionate, warm, soft spoken, and gentle person. I dedicate all my books to the memories of my beloved late wife, Shahina Maula Rahman.
Why I am trying to write this book?
Most of the academic institutions from the kindergarten to universities are forced to shut down their on campus activities due to COVID-19 pandemic. Alternatively, in order to continue with the academic classes, most of the higher educational institutions adapted on-line education system through Black Board, Google Classroom or Zoom. Irrespective of their pros and cons at least these are the top Web Conferencing Software that most of the academic institutions are using as an alternative educational platform.


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