Fundamentals of Electricity & Magnetism

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This is the first version of my book on “Fundamentals of Electricity & Magnetism” and is intended to be used by the undergraduate students of engineering and computer science. This is the foundation book of the three book series. The second and third book of the series are on “Electromagnetics” and  “Plasmonics” respectively.

Most of the academic institutions from the kindergarten to university are forced to shut down their on campus activities due to COVID-19 pandemic. Alternatively, in order to continue with the academic classes, most of the higher educational institutions adapted on-line education system through Google Classroom or Zoom, irrespective of their pros and cons. Personally, I composed two electronic books one on “Fundamentals of Electricity & Magnetism” and another one on “Fundamentals of Newtonian Mechanics”. These supplementary books are written based on the famous undergraduate text book Fundamentals of Physics (10th Ed.) by R. Resnick, D. Halliday and J. Walker. My books are kind of different from the traditional text books on Physics. These books have innovative figures, numerically generated results and graphs using python codes, example, solved and assigned problems of 200 each kind, tables, appendices and answers to problems.