The Truths of Life & Al-Qur’an

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My inspiration of composing “The Truths of Life and Al-Qur’an” is my beloved late wife Shahina Maula Rahman . Her loss in my life puts me in a very different state of mind. She entered in my life very quietly and remained quite raising my two sons with extreme patience, care and love. She remained as my friend, role model and mentor during my bad and good days for 37 years. She propagated her moral and ethical values that ignited my soul to be able to see and calibrate my mind to achieve my mission as a human being and remained with me with her love and guidance from the eternity. Her dedication in education and services to the community as a good physicist, an excellent teacher, with many other magnificent human qualities as a dedicated mother, a trustworthy wife, and an extremely passionate, warm, soft spoken, and gentle person left a legacy of descendants that will represent her for a long time. I am dedicated to carry on her values in my works through writing books and other humanitarian mission to keep her soul with peace in the eternity. My initial works of composing the books are for the memories of my beloved late wife, Shahina.