Ethical and Moral Medical Practices

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Medical practitioners, physicians, nurses have extremely difficult tasks in determining the course of action in determining the diseases and their respective treatments. At no circumstance a doctor or nurse decide to kill a patient due to the severity of patients or any other racially motivated issues or stigmas. Also, medical practitioners cannot give up and let the patient suicide to end her/his life because of any shortcomings and insurance policies. This is where our baseline ethical and moral fine line has to be drawn to distinguish between righteous and wrongdoers. An ailing patient in a death bed is helpless and what else she/he can do rather than trusting a doctor. A morally corrupt person cannot be given a task to be a medical practitioner simply her/his inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Some times medical practitioners and patients value system could be in direct conflict. In the most of the Abrahamic religions no person is allowed to commit suicide. Therefore it is not right to impose a death sentence to kill an ailing patient without letting her/him know her/his wish or conviction. It is absolutely unethical by medical practitioners to withheld or end treatment because of insurance and hospital financial budget. It is extremely unethical for medical practitioners administering overdose morphine to an extremely ailing patient with the intention to kill that patient.


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