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GNU Radio is a free software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software-defined radios and signal processing. It can be used with external RF hardware such as the one I added at NSU “The Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)” is a flexible SDR which is developed by ETTUS Corp. ETTUS Corp. is taken over by National Instruments (NI).

The universal software radio peripheral USRP Software Defined Radio Deviceā„¢ is a tunable transceiver for designing, prototyping, and deploying radio communication systems. It is an ideal product to prototype wireless communications, develop EW & SIGINT applications, and deploy wireless systems.

It consists of two boards: the motherboard and RF daughterboards. The motherboard that performs some baseband processing (sampling over 12 bits and down conversion of the received signals) can host a wide section of daughter-boards, that do the RF part of the radio, each of which implements a signal processing block found in the GNU Radio software package. The daughterboards are used as RF frontends which are capable of using frequencies ranged from KHz to GHz. The daughter-boards are used for transmission and reception of the signal and Verilog FPGA which is optimized for DSP applications for processing complex waveforms at high sample rates. It is widely used in hobbyist, academic, and commercial environments to support both wireless communications research and real-world radio systems.

Watch GNU Radio Videos



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